All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Yes, I've moved.
I've been wanting to move out from livejournal for some time but told myself to be patient.
I'd thought the switch back to blogger would happen once I have a new little person to blog about.
Since it doesn't seem as though that's gonna be happening anytime soon, I'm gonna pitch a temporary tent
It will now be THE place where I'll be baring my thoughts until further notice.
Patience is a virtue, I guess I have a long way to go before I become virtuous ;)
See you @ blogger!

It was great here while it lasted. Time to move on.

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Fiesta Femina @ Taman Bandaran Kelana, 7th June 2009

Hello earthlings :)

I'm tired and ready to go to bed, but thought i'd write about my experience setting up a booth at a carnival/bazaar before i forget. i'm getting used to pushing myself the extra 7 miles anyway. plus, if i wait any longer i may not write about it at all. and that's no good coz i might want to refer to it myself someday :)

so.. lemme start with the purpose of my participation in the carnival.
frankly, it was to clear all my  existing stocks from Satin Dream.
as much as i've enjoyed myself selling stuff from the blog, and i found that i love interacting with customers personally even more now that i've tried it, my venture into this business is at this point merely to gain new skills. i have one foot tied for about 5 more years so i'm using the other foot, trying to feel my way around, checking how far i can go if i stretch my legs out a bit. 

photo courtesy of

my moto is to try new things, within limits of course (disclaimer), and to step out of my comfort zone as much as i can.
hubby was reluctant at first, but now he really gets it :)
he understands what i'm doing and why i'm doing it. it feels soo good to be understood.
my parents on the other hand, aren't used to the idea. they seem to think i'm doing this coz i'm running out of dough. my mom particularly.
well, i can always find things to spend extra cash on but i'm in no way living in hardship. hehe
i don't blame her for worrying about me, and whether or not i'm in trouble financially. i know she's only concerned and trying to help her daughter the best way she knows how. by making things easy for us. she's been doing that all our lives after all.
she's just wonderful like that :) i want her to help me by not making it too easy for me but by letting me make my own mistakes so i can learn.
but i know it's hard for her to do that, when she feels like it's ridiculous that i should have to work so hard when she can afford to provide me with the comfort and luxuries i MAY be looking for
(i'm not, mom. trust me. i'm gonna print this out and let you read it when i'm done k ;D).
i don't expect you to be able to watch me work my ass off sweating profusely for some measly bucks.
but mom.. i like it. reallyy :) i like doing things for myself. i'm not doing it for the money. if and when i have to do it for the money, don't u think it's perfect that i've already tried it and have gathered some skills along the way?

i guess i should warn you now that this post is gonna be a super duper long one ;P despite my being tired.

okay2 back to the event.

hubby and i arrived at the venue half an hour later than we intended to, but on time according to the organiser's schedule.
still, me being me, i was nervous that i might not be ready before the 1st customer arrived.
the sun was shining brightly on our booth. needless to say, i was soaked. at least it was the morning sun.
Dini arrived shortly and helped me get things up and ready. Awanis arrived not long after. we started arranging things, stacked the cupcakes, and laid out everything in order.
and then.. whaddya know, i was right. i wasn't worrying for nothing. my neighbour had to nudge me to tell me i had a customer who was hiddden behind my rack of clothes, thumbing through the selection. great. i thanked my neighbour for the heads up and attended to the lady.
in the end she walked away with 2 items. not bad ey :) good start.
but fret not, i'm not gonna talk about each and every customer :)

okay i have a confession, i have trouble saying no (to requests that don't go against my principles that is. why do u insist on making me explain?!).
it might become the cause of my downfall someday. lol
later in the day, 2 lady cleaners came by. 1 was very interested in one of the tops that was hanging on my rack. she was asking the other lady whether or not it would look nice on her and which colour was nicer. i told her the price  and said i could give her about RM5 off when she looked disappointed. then she asked if i could lower the price by another fiver. i shook my head and smiled trying to hide the difficulty i was having just denying her the additional RM5 discount (eh maybe it's not something i should disclose so publicly. people might take advantage of me one day. hehe). then she pleaded and that was all it took. i couldn't take it so i said okay. that particular piece of item happened to be something i was having trouble selling off, lucky for that.
i guess my compassion got the better of me. some of you would disagree but i felt good afterwards so that's fine :)
a lot of things happened that will forever be memorable to me.

my whole family came to show support. mom bought a lot of items from neighbouring stalls (one of the owners later told me how grateful she was), as well as from my stall (i later found out she bought some of the stuff just for the sake of supporting me, not knowing they were items my friends were trying to get rid of. funny mommy). i bet they too were appreciative of my mother's purchaseS =) i love you Momma!
Amir said "soOo cheap your things Aunty Hana". Alif continued "this one should be at least RM5, this one RM10.... etc."
dad came by later as he had a golf tourney earlier on. he told passersby to come hav a look at my stall as they were walking by. so cute! it shows that he's been practising the same for his company. i love you too Pa~ =) sorry i don't have a photo with you.

sis spent her Sunday accompanying me and helping me with so many things. i know it's not easy when you have like 3 jobs urself. mwahs =)
bestfriend came by all the way from KL where his family was staying for the wkend, only to head right back after about a half hour visit.
at least he got to show off that Azalia didn't mind him carrying her ;P
Muni and Awanis took the time to be there with me. they were there with their brownies and unwanted stuff but i know they could've been in at least 5 other places. i doubt they know how much it means to me. thanks girls :) hope you had fun too.
Awanis got her friend to feature us. the 3-minute act was fun albeit a little embarassing. hehe. thanks Wanis, i'm sure it's good exposure for my biz if only it was here to stay ;)

from The Star

last but not least, i got to meet new friends who'd been super nice to me
AND i had one of the best learning experiences of my life..

since my main idea of writing this post is to list down the things i'd learnt that day, i should start with that now:

1. always arrive early! it makes a difference. i believe you will be so much calmer and will be better prepared.
2. don't forget to bring water.
3. bring enough change!
4. too many cooks spoil the broth. so try to limit the number of people manning the booth. at one point i had 3 different hands handing me cash. that got me confused alrite
5. if you wish to have friends by your side (like me), be a good project manager and delegate! be orderly. i certainly learnt my lesson with this one.
6. put only a few of the attractions (like the items on sale) up front and direct customers to your main items by creating a trail using the sale items. put the rest of the sale items between the normal priced items to force them to browse through. this is not failproof but am probably gonna try it if there's a next time. sometimes it may be better to separate the two to better serve customers' needs and preferences.
7. communicate more with the passersby. it doesnt matter if they don't answer or ignore you. don't be shy
8. be prepared to say NO when you have to.
9. bring something to shade your booth from direct sunlight
10. if you can, bring a fan, and extension cords if you have to. its unlikely that the blower will be directed straight at you.

that's probably all i wanted to share =) thanks for reading.
comments/suggestions or opinions are welcomed. 

before i go, I'd like to thank my hubby (who stayed up with me the night before) for running around with me on the days leading up to the event as well as on the day itself. you were at the right places at the right time. you appeared when I needed assistance and disappeared when I couldn't attend to you.  I don't know what I'd do without all your help and support sweetie. love you!

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What lies beneath

I don't have much to say to be honest. I was contemplating what to do on yet another warm night when i decided to spend some time writing some words down here.
somehow our living room is still soo stuffy even with all the windows open. i get so restless i can feel the heat on my skin and last night i showered twice within the span of 2 hours! and i still felt heaty right after. so here i am on my bed where i should be able to feel the cool air from the air cond. read: SHOULD.
i can't really eventhough i'm sitting right below it for crying out loud. with the shutters directed straight at me. i can hardly feel any breeze at all. will need to check the filters this weekend. am not doing it now as i'm trying my best not to move so much in an effort to prevent myself from sweating. i hate going to bed sticky. i prefer to retire fresh as a daisy :)

had loads of fun laughing and goofing around with the girls last wkend. enjoyed making the food and cupcakes for everyone. discovered that durra can really work fast ;)
i was happy to plan things with durra although i didnt spend much time chatting with any one of the girls. couldn't really talk over the booming music at itallianies, was too exhausted from all the running around from making hantaran cupcakes for a wedding  and cupcakes and food for the party and i guess by the time I was able to sit and talk, it seemed like an odd time to be saying 'so.. apa goss.." next time i'll choose to chill and listen to their stories instead. we eat in k next time girls :)

am currently busy with several things:

1. usual stuff, homemaking. trying my best to fit in dropping by to see parents and family in my wkend plans
2. baking on an ad hoc basis. be it for my own cravings, family , friends or for special requests
3. teaching accounts tuition for an SPM student. only 1 for now, unless his friends wish to join him later. am not looking for more myself
4. helping out my brother who'll b sitting for PMR this year with his maths and other random subjects whenever i can
5. trying to finish some sewing projects (last priority in this list)
6. promoting and selling stuff from satin dream on and off. whenever i please. lol
7. am considering opening a booth at fiesta femina. am 90% sure now. will confirm with the organiser's tomorrow. if i do i'll update on the details later.

because of the reasons above, i haven't been able to attend my dance class for what seems like ages!
but it's not like anyone forced me to do all of the above. hehe. just my itchy hands and feet wanting to be active and productive all the time.

i suddenly came to ponder about this word: itchified.
read this.
i've been hearing it from my mom, cousins and aunties since i was a kid of about 4 or 5? ever since i can remember basically. and then last year i think it was, a friend mentioned that her teen sister has been using this word. kinda like the IT word now. lol. the best part was none of my other friends had heard of it too. and there were about 10 of them at the time.
funny huh? how terms and phrases evolve in different people's lives? of course up until last year i somehow thought it was spelt 'itchy fight' or something. never gave the spelling any thought since i'd never had to spell it.
much like another term my mom always use to describe loitering/galllivanting. i just can't recall it now. will update it here when i remember. nites~

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Useful website

If you're gonna have to sit for PMR/SPM/STPM this year, it may be worth your while to check out the website below:

Or you could introduce it to your friends/brothers/sisters/sons/daughters/cousins/nephews etc.
The website provides past trial exam papers for SBP, MRSM and some states, in various subjects.
Also available for download are answers to some of the papers.

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Race. The verb, not the noun.

Turns out that it was just PMS. Bummer.

Hate to tell myself this, but “I told me so.”

I’m in a race against my own self these days.

There are sooo many things I wanna do and so many things I’m doing concurrently.

So many that I’m embarrassed to list all of ‘em here for fear of being labeled too ambitious.

Neah I’m lying. I don’t actually care what label anyone wants to give me anymore. They don’t mean squat. I try my best but if it’s not enough, the problem’s not mine.

For now, I’m just going with the flow. Whatever I have time for I try to fit into my daily/weekly/monthly schedule.

Was waiting for the usual reports before I get to go home. Now that they’re here (earlier than usual) I’m off!

Sweet temptation.

Gosshh i'm so tempted to go get a pregnancy test kit right this moment. My heart is telling me it's 930pm and the pharmacy is still open. But my head is telling me to shut up and stop being a whiny emotional/hormonal bimbo.

I'm such an emotional wreck these past 2 days i donno if it's coz i'm getting some kind of bug (tho it could just be my allergic rhinitis acting up), or if my period is about to arrive or if i'm pregnant. although the last one would be wishful thinking at this point. i'd vowed to wait till i'm late for a minimum of 2 months before i go check.

If I gather all the odds, it's just PMS. If THIS IS finally IT, then I could b pregnant. If i'm sickly, then i guess i'm just being a baby.

Thing is, I can actually feel my heart achingg. So i'm hoping if it's PMS, period come already!

This is what's currently happening:

Heart: I feel weird. Could it be?
Head: Shut up. You're just impatient and dreaming.
Heart: But I really feel this could be it.
Head: That's what you said last month. And the month before that. And before that.. An.. You get the drift.
Heart: ...

Well, i'm not that sad. I'm not desperate for a baby. Not yet anyway.
I just dont know what i'm feeling. Hence the reason why i'm blaming it on hormones (pregnant or PMS this is a symptom for both anyways).

I know what I want. In life.
But how do I afford it?
I'm not asking for an LV every month or every year in fact, or actually ever.
I'm also not asking for a luxury car, i've never had my own car in fact.
I'm also not asking for a 3-storey bungalow, a small landed house with a small garden is more than I can hope for.
I'm also not asking to be free of household and other chores before I am physically incapable of doing them on my own.
I'm really not materialistic. I do love nice things and I like shopping too but I don't think it would make me too sad if I can't buy nice things for myself. Comfortable is enough for me I don't need to live lavishly.
I'm not asking to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas.
oh wait, they ARE on my 'to do before I die' list. hahah.
but i don't have to have it noww.. or I don't even have to actually have it.
I only need to be able to still dream about it and save up and con myself that RM100 set aside every month will get me there someday.
Meanwhile, short getaways will do. I don't even have to leave the country. 
All i'm saying is quality of life is what i'm after, not quality of things in life. Quality of things are an added bonus.

What am I going on about?
I think what i'm actually worried about is if i can't even do that. 
What if I can't even have a decent 'not-too-worried about my finances' life?
How am I gonna raise a baby? Will I be able to give him/her the best? 

Guess this is the perfect time to whip up the 'Senarai Kesyukuran'.

1. Saya bersyukur kerana masih bernyawa pada umur 25 tahun 7 bulan.
2. Saya bersyukur kerana ibubapa dan adik beradik sihat dan rasanya cukup bahagia.
3. Saya bersyukur kerana kami semua dilahirkan sempurna anggota badan dan akal fikiran, dan masih mempunyai semuanya.
4. Saya bersyukur kerana dibesarkan oleh ibubapa yang penyayang dan 'selfless'.
5. Saya bersyukur kerana sudah berkahwin dgn seorang yang penyayang dan 'devoted'.
6. Saya bersyukur kerana saya percaya suatu hari nanti pintu hati akan terbuka untuk memakai tudung sampai ke akhir hayat. InsyaAllah.
7. Saya bersyukur kerana diajar dr kecil utk tahu menilai apa yg penting dlm hidup.
8. Saya bersyukur kerana saya dilahirkan kembar.
9. Saya bersyukur kerana diberi kesedaran yang dengan izin Allah, saya mempunyai kekuatan untuk memperoleh sesuatu, hanya perlu berusaha sedaya upaya, yakin dgn diri sendiri dan bertawakkal kepada-Nya.
10. Saya bersyukur kerana saya tidak suka kurang ajar pada orang lain, tidak kira umur, pangkat atau darjatnya.
11. Saya bersyukur kerana banyak mendapat peluang untuk melalui segala macam pengalaman yang telah membentuk diri saya setakat ini.
12. Saya bersyukur kerana boleh mentertawakan diri sendiri (laugh at myself).
13. Saya bersyukur kerana tidak takut untuk menyayangi.
14. Saya bersyukur kerana dijauhkan dari perasaan hasad dengki. Rasanya la. Amin.
15. Saya bersyukur kerana tidak mudah putus asa.
16. Saya bersyukur kerana mampu memotivatekan diri sendiri.
17. Saya bersyukur kerana boleh overcome most of my fears as long as not for the wrong reasons.
18. Saya bersyukur kerana masih mempunyai keinginan untuk memperbaiki diri sendiri dalam aspek keagamaan, kerohanian, ilmu pengetahuan dan silaturrahim.
19. Saya bersyukur saya diingatkan-Nya untuk bersyukur.
20. Saya bersyukur saya dilahirkan beragama Islam.

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Went to the Dior warehouse sale at the Coronade Hotel during lunchtime today.
Expected more stuff to be on offer in a bigger space but at least I didn't have to queue.
Went right in. I went in with the intention of getting myself the compact powder. and that's exactly what i got.
and then some..

Lets assess the damage at the end of the day shall we?

Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette
RM200 each @ RM300 for 2

DiorSnow UV Base SPF 50+ in Translucent
RM80 each @ RM120 for 2

DiorSkin Extreme Fit Compact Powder and Refill in 021
RM150 for both compact and refill. not available individually. at least not while i was there
So total DIOR damage: RM150 + RM60 + RM150 = RM360
addiction level: controllable, relative to other Dior fans (in denial much?)

I read that it was very crowded in the morning. Glad I went at 1230pm then. Although there were supposedly many more items in the morning. But since I succeeded in getting what i planned to, all's good.

I was on the lookout for black mascara and eyeliner as well as forever and ever perfume but there weren't any. Good news for my purse.
I 'saved' an additional RM50 for the palette and RM20 for the UV Base by combining purchases with 2 different ladies. Bestt!
Women are usually very friendly and approachable when it comes to helping each other out with their retail therapy.

Right after, Sya and I went next door to Isetan, Lot 10 to check out the Anna Sui sale. I was pleasantly surprised to find T. Le Clerc products on the counters but didn't get anything from this brand as I had only recently bought myself some eyeshadow and lipgloss from Ken's Apothecary in OU. They had a clearance sale less than a month ago.

Got Dini her Anna Sui powder refill but in 1 shade darker since that was all that's left.
Since it was selling at only RM37 from RRP RM98, why not use it on your 'darker' days huh?

Eyeshadows @ RM39 each! What a steal!
Love the casing AND the colours!

Total Anna Sui damage: RM 37 + RM39 + RM39 = RM115
Grand total = RM475. huhu.. no more cosmetics and skincare shopping for me. for a while..

So who's going tomorrow?? =)
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Getting what I asked for

Last night, while setting the time on his phone alarm, Hubby was pleased to discover that his dopod has voice command function.

I laughed at his response to the husky female voice fr his dopod saying “Say Command.”

“Command!” he shouted into his phone.

You see, he wasn’t supposed to say ‘command’. He was supposed to say out the commands listed under the voice command function.

I.e. Call ___. or Play ___. or Find ___. or Goodbye. when he was done.

Then he tried out some of them.

“Call – Dina – At – Mobile!”

- - - - -


“Call – Wife – At – Mobile!”

- - - - -


He couldn’t remember what name he saved my number as.

So he checked. And tried again.

“Call – Dina Nur Azhana – At – Mobile!” 

- - - - -

“Calling – Dina Nerashana – At Mobile.”

That set off our first round of laughter at 2 in the morning. I tried to figure out the woman’s nationality through her accent, wondering how is it possible to programme a voice / machine to say out anything the future owner types out.

“Play – Theme!”

- - - - -

On came his Red Dwarf opening song.
He grinned and hummed to the tune.


I reached out for his dopod to try and see if the woman would recognize the words I pronounce.

“Find – Home!”

- - - - -


“Find – Dina Nur Azhana – Mobile!”

- - - - -

Out came my number on the screen.


Then hubby tried to say some cuss words into his phone. Twice.

He got a “Repeat.” And a “Goodbye.”

Apparently she was too pure. She was not taught cuss words by her programmer.

Then I tried again. The same word hubby used. But before I could finish she interrupted with


I laughed and muttered “B***h..” into the phone.

Can u you guess what her response was????????????????














“Calling – Dina Nerashana – At Mobile.”


Then came hubby’s roar of laughter. Accompanied by my tercengang face.

What more could I say?

I switched the voice command off.

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Whoop de doo

I made my previous entry private. coz i'm not liking unpleasantness more and more these days. especially if it comes from me.
thanks to those who read it and expressed concern through sms and facebook msgs.
and thanks for reminding me i shouldn't care what others say.
Hawa's tagline on her blog,
"..those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".

it doesn't mean they're right anyway.. what/how they think i should do/be.
like i said to my SIL, takkan kalau org kata
"Dina ni.. tak happening la, she should smoke and drink and go out clubbing with us every night, baru la happening"
i'd be foolish to feel hurt about something like that.
I should know better.
although what pissed me off was the part that that person complained of being treated the same way (s)he treated others.
biarkan saje. who am i to betulkan orang lain ye tak?

had a good wkend. sleptover parents' place one night, loved every minute of it. although wish i could've stayed longer.
miss my mommy a lot. to those who are getting married soon, and have always been close to their mum/parents (one of the reasons why i'm so grateful i've never had to go to boarding school), savour the moment. u'll never know what you've got till its gone. in my case, i never realised how much i'd miss hanging out with mom at home.
doing nothing. just having her company. i've always known nothing beats her presence, but i didn't expect not to be able to be around her as much as i'd like. sad huh? some days i've even considered moving back in with her in the already full home. i tell you if there's enough space for all of us to move back in, we would.
i think she knows i miss her. i just hav a feeling.
i miss my dad too. his jokes cannot be matched by anyone. his chuckle after his jokes is just too cute!
guess i got it from him. the laughing at own joke thing.
can't blame me can u? ;P

dance class was awesome too. had extra half hour for free. dance instructor was feeling generous i guess. hehe
was told i need to control my movements. which i agree.
we danced to Single Ladies by Beyonce. there was 1 superfast part that i just haven't quite gotten used to. hard to control my limbs when i'm trying to chase the beat. i was having so much fun but was told i was concentrating too much. IMO im still at the stage where I hav to concentrate. if i let go and just dance, it wouldn't b the moves she's been teaching. i'll get it eventually.
just hav to learn to balance control of limbs and body at the same time as letting them loose and free.
she also said i hav to show my wild side but added 'dlm class je'
hahahah maybe dia takut tetibe i take her too seriously, change who i am and become wild outside of class too.

klah it's getting late. need to do some ironing for work tomorrow. and i have a date with my girlfriends tomorrow nite. we're gonna watch He's Just Not That Into You.
Hear that Alia? hihihi
can't wait!
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